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A Helicopter Tour
of TheInfiniteGames (TIG)

This site consists of an ever-growing, ever-evolving, body of knowledge — a collection of interdependent lenses, strategies, distinctions, examples, stories, tools, offerings, recommendations, forums, connections — all designed to serve those committed to the work of transforming their organizational systems. There is no lack of players who are ready and able to play important roles in this vital societal metamorphosis. As you explore the site sections described below you will find many clues as to how this movement can begin to accelerate.

The Evolving Body of Knowledge

Introduction a brief flyover of the site content.
The Introduction provides a bit of contextual framing for the site and headline descriptions of each of its major sections.
Community of Allies if not us, who? if not now when?
This section provides an illustrated story of an ever-growing clan of "infinite players" discovering their "true work," and each other — all in the service of transforming their organizations and communities. It's an ever-evolving story of how we collectively begin to step up to the work of conscious evolution.
Generative Initiatives they create enlivening ripples.
"Generative initiatives" are an exciting evolution from our traditional "mechanistic" approaches to change. You can think of them as "plays" in an infinite game.
Generative Capacity-Building a core organizing strategy for an ever-evolving future.
The concept of growing an organization's capacity-building capacity is a powerful strategy in a world of ever-accelerating change. [This section is only a rough first cut at describing that strategy]
A Palette of Possibilities a robust collection of lenses and design principles.
Generative design of our social forms — how we collectively create our lives together, our work organizations, our communities, our processes of governance, development and change — is one of our most crucial creative challenges as a species. The "Design Principles" and "Wholeness Lenses" offered in this section are a beginning collection of principles and ways of seeing that can begin to introduce the infinite possibilities that are opening up for us today for the first time in our evolutionary journey.
Stories lived stories and imagined possibilities.
[This will be a mostly empty section through 2006]
FAQs and RAQs frequently and rarely asked questions; ever evolving responses.
[There are a few questions and responses in place. This will become more populated after we go public in 2006.]
Distinctionary first we shape our language; then our language shapes us.
[We've a fair number of site-specific distinctions in place. Check out the concept and contribute to the process.]
eBook bay area 2020.
This WIP eBook describes a region-wide generative initiative—a movement toward a consciously-evolving Bay Area watershed by the year 2020.
Support Information

Site Map a wonderfully linear listing of all the site pages, organized by location.
Entrepreneurs for Wholeness a showcasing of those providers of generative services who we can personally recommend.
Camelot had its knights of the round table. The San Francisco Bay Area watershed will have entrepreneurs for wholeness. [We will begin developing this section in 2006.]
About Us brief biographical sketches of the journeys of Bill and Marilyn Veltrop, and descriptions of their offerings.
Forum a capacity for dialogue among emerging infinite players.
How to Use this Site tips for finding the nuggets, and for some, uncovering a mother lode.
Acknowledgments hands-on contributors, content-shapers, life-shapers and context-shapers.
Contact and Comment connect directly with Bill or Marilyn Veltrop.
CopyWisely the content of this site offered as a gift; we request that it be used wisely.