Site Tour | How to Use this Site | Tips for finding the nuggets, and for some, uncovering a mother lode

This site is designed to attract, appreciate, engage, challenge, connect and support infinite players. If you are one of those players then it will be worth your while to approach this site strategically and persistently.

Here are a few tips for committed questors:

  1. Study the Site Map to get a feel for the scope of the site and the interdependency among its various parts. Practice patience. If it were all to make perfect sense immediately, it's not likely to help you break out of your current conceptual/perceptual boxes.

  2. Take the time to reflect on what you are committed to shift in your world. What would a 10-fold shift in the lasting difference you make look like? Exploring this site using the lens of your deepest commitment(s) will definitely help reveal its secrets.

  3. Engage fully with all the many pieces of this puzzle. Moving from finite to infinite games requires a deep commitment to wholeness, where you are no longer willing to accept the illusions generated by fragmented and fragmenting beliefs and structures.

    Expanding our work and our practices to become champions of wholeness in our lives and in the lives of those we serve is a lifelong quest. As Thomas Berry puts it: "The great work."

    This site is an early attempt to map the "infinite game" territory in the world of organizations. Like the first maps of the new world, it's grossly incomplete and inevitably distorted. However, by engaging with all these puzzle pieces through the lenses of our individual commitments, we will gradually improve our ability to imagine and create a new reality.

    Imagining and creating a new reality in the world of organizations in a quest worth joining a game worth playing.

  4. Practice, practice, practice. To master any new game requires practice. If it's to be an infinite game, it really helps to love the practice. What will it take to support you in more fully engaging with these puzzle pieces?

    For me to engage with complex new conceptual material in a way that develops mastery usually requires some outside support and/or stimulation. Here are a couple of strategies I use to help engage with new stuff:

    • Connect directly with the author. Inquiring more deeply into her ideas both challenges me to do my homework, and also helps make the material juicier and more digestible.

    • Make a "drop dead" commitment. If I commit to others to make a presentation, deliver a piece of writing or lead an activity involving new material, my ego kicks in and helps energize focused preparation (usually at the last minute).

  5. Connect with me. You can contribute to the evolution of this work by sharing your story, your questions, your concerns and your ideas. Your perspectives, especially if this is new and confusing territory for you, are invaluable to me. They help me bridge from this work to your reality.