About Us brief biographical sketches of the journeys of Bill and Marilyn Veltrop, and descriptions of their offerings.
10x Leadership Coaching—The Offering

The Nature and Philosophy of 10X Leadership Coaching

Personal 10X Commitments are an on-going theme in the 10X coaching experience. You might want to read and reflect on this section of the web site and notice your feeling response to the 10X concept and its implications for you.

The work of 10X coaching focuses on enabling the client to discover and unleash his/her inner infinite player. Clients are not flawed humans in need of fixing, but rather extraordinary beings with unique gifts and an unlimited potential to make a lasting difference. The 10X coaching experience is an on- going journey of exploration into one's true work and highest purpose. As a co-creative coach Bill serves as a companion and guide as one ventures into this exciting new territory.

My 10X commitment as a coach is to support my coaching partners in actualizing and realizing their capacity to on-goingly multiply their capacity to make a lasting difference in and for their worlds.

We are not isolated or alone in this work of actualizing and realizing who we are intended to be as humans. An important part of 10X coaching is becoming discerning and expansive in weaving webs of inner and outer relationships that best support this extraordinary journey.

Who will most benefit from 10X coaching?

Leaders of all kinds who —
  • Are committed to multiply the lasting difference they make in their worlds.
  • Are faced with exciting challenges/opportunities and need out-of-the-box guidance.
  • May be at a crossroads in their lives/careers.
  • Are seeking more balance and wholeness in their lives.
  • Are beginning to inquire into their true work—their highest purpose.
  • Want to be challenged and stretched in new ways.
Those leaders and practitioners of organizational learning and change who are faced with unique organizational challenges and opportunities will find Bill's broad and deep experience in those realms to be especially rewarding.

How is Bill's coaching distinct?

Bill —
  • Is able to see and enliven the highest potential in others. He serves as a sacred mirror—reflecting the infinite player in the other.
  • Is especially adept as a co-creative partner—drawing out and contributing to the discovery process in a way that can be magical.
  • Always takes the game to a higher level no matter what the situation.
  • Is masterful in the art of context-shifting—reframing any situation in a way that opens up dramatic new possibilities.
  • Is able to develop minimalist approaches to shifting non-optimal patterns—both in one's life and in the organization(s) s/he serves.
  • Has been a committed student and practitioner of transformation work of all kinds for over 30 years. His teachers, mentors and colleagues include an extraordinary range of experience and wisdom. Individual 10X coaching journeys draw from and build on that broad body of work.
  • Is a coach's coach. He works in a way that draws out the co-creative coach in the other. He judges his work by the constructive ripple effects that clients produce for their stakeholders—and beyond.
  • Trusts the process. He has a deep respect for every individual's unique developmental journey. He serves as a trusted guide to them in their process of discovery.
  • Is intuitive and helps others tap into their natural intuitive capacities.
  • Is imaginative and evocative. Sees all breakdowns as rich learning and growth opportunities; the greater the breakdown, the greater the potential for breakthrough.
  • Is an advanced architect of change at all levels of system. Is undaunted by complex systemic challenges/opportunities.
How might a 10X coaching relationship unfold?

  • It begins with a spacious exploratory conversation to determine whether this would be a good fit for both partners in this journey. If the fit is good, a working agreement would be developed.
  • Most of the 10X coaching sessions would be by telephone. Some face-to-face work might be appropriate.
  • It might be helpful at times to experience the unique perspectives and gifts of other leadership coaches.
  • The 10X coaching work could morph into work with the larger organization—or vice versa.
  • For some committed players, "Chrysalis Work," a more extended personal "retreat" experience, could be a means of accelerating their process.