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Welcome to The Infinite Games web site.

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The purpose of this site is to support pragmatic, visionary leaders in transforming their organizations in ways that make a lasting difference for all involved. It is designed to support pioneering leaders in unleashing the unlimited potential within their organization's membership.

What ifyou could develop your organization's ongoing capacity to be both self-improving and self-evolving?
What ifemployee and leadership development were a natural consequence of your organization's strategic capacity-building processes?
What ifthis unique action-learning culture were woven throughout all aspects of your organization's operations?

This web site's evolving body of knowledge, expertise, lenses, tools, and connections can help you get there. As a resource for those seeking breakthrough approaches to organizational change and leadership development, it draws from the collective experience and wisdom of senior practitioners, thought leaders and organizational change champions spanning over 35 years of innovative organizational design and change work.

"Finite players play within boundaries:
Infinite players play with the boundaries.
—James Carse, Finite and Infinite Games

This web site is for you if you are a leader or practitioner ready to "play with the boundaries"—to expand your role in exciting new ways, e.g.,
  • Pioneering Practitioner: You are committed to breaking out of traditional boxes and harvesting the benefits of organic ongoing organizational learning and change.
  • Evolutionary Activist: You are a champion for exploring new developmental territory, even within traditional change-resistant cultures.
  • Steward for the Future: You are in a position of oversight, passionate about the legacy that will be left by your organization.
Said more simply: This site is for you if you are committed to making a significant and lasting difference within and through the organization(s) you serve—and are open to exploring new ways of seeing, being and doing.

Overview—A non-stop "helicopter tour" of this site's major sections takes only a few minutes and will provide you a preliminary sense for the whole.

Bay Area 2020 — Browse through this emerging "eBook." Bay Area 2020 is an ever-evolving story of how this region can play a leadership role in a movement toward wholeness—an "infinite game" with both local and global implications.

About the content: This site is eclectic and still in development. It may feel daunting to all but the most intrepid researchers and pioneers in our field. For a more fulfilling initial experience you are invited to tap into the experience of a trusted guide by contacting Bill Veltrop. These exploratory conversations tend to be mutually rewarding.

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